WETIA Hosts Workshop on Social Media and Theological Education

August 1, 2019

The World Evangelical Theological Institute Association (WETIA) hosted an online workshop entitled “The Social Media Influencer Economy and Theological Education”. The workshop was presented by Dr. Walker Tzeng, Executive Director of WETIA.

The event was hosted by the Aqueduct Project, at the invitation of Dr. Jonathan Armstrong. The workshop covered the current state of the social media influencer economy and its potential use in the future of theological education.

“The rapidly maturing social media influencer economy has created a wide range of million dollar social media juggernauts and niche influencers making full time living with small audience bases,” Dr. Tzeng said, “We can learn a lot from these influencers, how they systematically build their audiences with viral content and then monetize their audience with a variety of strategies.”

An online replay of the workshop is available here:

To find out more information about the Aqueduct Project, please visit their website here:

Schools interested in hosting workshops led by WETIA are encouraged to contact WETIA for opportunities.

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