Education Technology Workshop for
Western Seminary PhD Colloquium

October 10, 2023

WETIA Executive Director Dr. Walker Tzeng presented on education technology at Western Seminary’s Ph.D. Colloquium. The workshop focused on introducing WETIA’s work in education technology around the world. Dr. Tzeng explained how WETIA’s ministry started by seeing the technology needs of evangelical theological education, to keep up to date with new generation of students.

The workshop also showed the potential of education technology and how it is being used to change evangelical theological education beyond traditional models of teaching and learning. Students were introduced to several education tools and also interacted with WETIA’s own platform, EdBrite. As a simple, affordable E-Learning and student database system, PhD students were offered the chance to use the platform for free through ICETE academy.

Finally, the workshop also introduced WETIA research initiatives in various areas including working in the technology mega-strategy for evangelism realm and research into AI and ChatGPT.

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