ChatGPT's Potential in Theological Conversation: WETIA Research Initiative

April 5, 2023

WETIA’s research team is currently investigating the application of generative artificial intelligence, specifically ChatGPT 4.0, in theological discussions. ChatGPT has garnered significant attention as a groundbreaking advancement in AI, with potential to revolutionize multiple industries.

Dr. Walker Tzeng, WETIA’s Executive Director, is collaborating with two doctoral students to examine the utility of ChatGPT in theological dialogues. The research aims to uncover the benefits and limitations of the AI, as well as analyze how ChatGPT’s handling of specific topics compares to conventional theological and academic sources.

The ultimate goal of this research initiative is to produce a comprehensive paper detailing the potential uses of ChatGPT in theological conversations. This paper could then serve as the foundation for a workshop, which could be presented at various theological and higher education conferences.

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