Free EdBrite Offer at ICETE Academy

June 11, 2020

WETIA continues to sponsor EdBrite, a simple affordable LMS and SIS geared towards theological institutions in the majority world. WETIA sponsors monthly fees on the platform for schools just starting out and needing only 25 users. However, this free offer still requires a $150 set up fee.

Now, in partnership with ICETE Academy, the $150 set up fee is being waived for those students who complete the special EdBrite course at ICETE Academy called, “Introducing EdBrite”. This allows EdBrite to be completely free for schools under 25 users.

The online course is only available to ICETE Academy students, so those interested in this free offer need to first sign up with ICETE Academy, then complete the EdBrite course. The special course is taught by WETIA Executive Director and Creator of EdBrite, Dr. Walker Tzeng.

Signup for ICETE Academy here:

Schools interested in EdBrite can find more information here:

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