Dr. Walker Tzeng Publishes Chapter on Technology and Theology

March 14, 2021

Dr. Walker Tzeng, Executive Director of WETIA has published a chapter entitled “A Biblical-Theological Approach to Transforming Technology.” The chapter on technology and theology is part of a larger book by multiple authors on developing a mega-strategy for evangelism.

The full book is entitled, “Halfway Up the Mountain: Restoring God’s Purpose in this Chaotic World.” The book is edited by Dr. Mark Wagner and Dr. William Wagner.

In his chapter, Dr. Tzeng writes about three areas needed by Christians to overcome the “mountain” of technology. They include the use of technology in evangelism, distinguishing truth in an information age, and developing a Biblical-Kingdom worldview for Christians in technology.

“History has shown that the work of God’s Kingdom has advanced as Christians have utilized whatever technology is available for evangelism,” writes Dr. Tzeng.

A copy of Dr. Tzeng chapter on technology and theology is available for free download here: Click Here

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