CITE Conference: Maturing Trends in Online Education

April 11, 2014

Last week, CITE held its 15th annual online learning event bringing together representatives from higher education to share in a broad range of topics in online education. WETIA attended the conference in order to get updated information and resources in the field.

Among the keynote speakers was Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally recognized leader in education, famous for his talks at the prestigious TED Conference. Robinson encouraged conference attendees with the potential that education technology has as an agent of change for a new generation.

The conference also had a distinguished speakers workshop track which included Dr. Jeff Seaman, a researcher and co-director of the Babson Survey Research Group which annually publishes a survey of online education trends in the U.S. (click here). This year’s survey showed a number of maturing trends in online education compared to explosive growth of previous years.

Workshops throughout the conference showed a number of ways education technology including use of mobile, social media, video, and cloud-based technologies have matured into the standard at many institutions.  Some workshops also showed how gamifications, personalized learning, and adaptive technologies show tremendous potential for the future.

For more information about the CITE conference, sponsored by Pearson, click here.

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