About Us

The World Evangelical Theological Institute Association (WETIA) is a non-profit organization linking a global network of evangelical theological colleges and seminaries through the application of information technology.
As a research and service organization, WETIA also supports a variety of educational and professional development needs of the evangelical higher learning community with tools to create and deploy online learning programs.

Mission Statement

The mission of WETIA is to build and support a global network of evangelical seminaries and theological schools with increased awareness of and access to technological resources for high-quality education and training.

Our Vision

WETIA exists to promote the application of information technology throughout all regions of the world in evangelical Christian higher education.


WETIA services the evangelical Christian higher education community for the purpose of:


WETIA provides opportunities for evangelical Christian colleges and seminaries to share and use online resources as well as identify and learn about appropriate technologies to advance learning in their institutions. Along with its technology development programs, WETIA has facilitated the growth of evangelical education by serving as an incubator to many nationally- and internationally-known programs and institutions.

Professional Development

WETIA serves as a convener of evangelical colleges and institutions worldwide, and as a site for collaboration of information technology. It serves to create links through its membership channels by making a broad range of case studies, lectures and conferences, as well as research and learning opportunities available to scholars in Bible-based higher learning communities.

Scholarship Opportunities

WETIA offers a research partnership program as part of a commitment to increase the opportunities for research work in information technology. The organization fosters academic and spiritual growth, develops skills, builds confidence, and offers exceptional role models. Projects have been in such diverse fields as computer science, public policy, and the arts directed towards promoting the Christian mission.